Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sugar 1998 - 2013

15 years, 1 month.

Sugar was born to

Chesty         &       Cindy (a real bitch)
1996-2010                      1997-present

Sugar was named because she was the mellowest dog I've ever seen.  Lovable to an extreme.  Loyal & smart.  Not agreswsive, just wanted to be one of hte dogs.  Ad a good one she was. Although I tried to give her another home she always returned because she wanted to be with her mom & dad & me in our humble home in Sugar Creek, Mo.

She grew into a great dog.  When her father died in 2010 she became my shadow and #1 dog.  When I brought Skipper the puppy home in 2011 she became his mentor.  She loved the lake although she didn't much care for water.

She never shit or pissed in the house.

Didn't bark unless necessary.

Cute with a curly tail.

On Sugar's last walk around the block not one but two Sugar Creek Police Department officers of the law busted her for walking without a leash.  The fact that we were in my yard, she's a 15 year old cripple dog I was remminded not very neighborly that I was breaking one of many laws.  Goodbye 64054  Hello 64112 or area code 504.

R. I. P. Sugar.  Ur a lucky dog and a damn good Marine.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Road to Harry's Library

Harry S Truman loved roads and it's been said that he "could have been the Father of the Interstate System." In 1926 he became president of the National Old Trails Road Association that wanted to build a road from coast to coast, which would later become the foundation for 40 Highway.   He planted trees alongside his roads to make them look like the ones he saw in France in WWI.  The trees would be quickly mowed down by uninterested farmers.

24 Highway is the road in Harry Truman's hometown that leads visitors to the Presidential Library that bears his name.   When out-of-town tourists come off I-435 to visit the Truman Library, this is the landscape they're greeted with for about 2/3 of the less than 4 mile journey. As many abandoned businesses as there are trees.  Draw your own conclusions about how proud he would be:

I've mentioned before why this once bustling business district is now a wasteland known to residents as "Salva Land"

The above is soon to become "Creeker Pizza" or something like that, unless they get run out of town like most entrepreneurs that try to set up shop in Sugar Creek.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Home for the Roasterie Plane -or- What a Waste of Space

In the last years of the last decade, Sugar Creek, Mo decided to build a shopping center where lots of people had homes for generations.  The city spent God knows how much money doing blight studies and fighting in court to take land away from homeowners and businesses so that they could turn it into a shopping center called the "Sugarland Center" (now they call it "Salva-land").  The businesses and homeowners lost.  The city tore up the land, causing the town to stink from the "rotten soil" that was dug up, an after effect of the nearby oil refinery that had been shut down for 20 years.  Long story short, their TIFF deal fell through, and 5 years later a place where people once lived and worked now is blighted for real, along 24 Hiway on the edge of Meth Town. It would be a perfect place for the Roasterie DC2 that is now blighting the West Side of Kansas City. This is for Tony's Kansas City.

Monday, November 26, 2012

I Remember When the Chiefs were Good -or- How Old Are You?

I can still remember when the Chiefs were good. They came to K. C. from Dallas.  Although we knew the NFL was better, having a football team here would be cool.

The first game I saw was on a new black and white TV in a friend's basement.  The Chiefs beat up on the Brocos, 59-7.  I didn't much care after that as there were lots of things to do in town that were more fun until

the first Super Bowl.

I was a grunt in Viet-nam.  The Chiefs were playing Green Bay.  I was goaded into betting on the Cheifs as Green Bay was such a small town.  I lost.

After that decision for disaster I became a civilian again.

The sporting scene in K. C. was much different.  It became hip to be a Chiefs fan.  They were REAL good.

Hank Stram was a genius.  Len Dawson called his own plays.  The Chiefs huddle was unique instead of a circlejerk.  Dawson faced his backfield and offensive line in two rows.  You knew who was the boss.

They played in Municiple Stadium surrounded by a city instead of a parking lot.  The players didn't get paid shit!!

The year of the second Super Bowl game a back-up quarterback Mike Livingston won all his starting games.

The fans chanted "Super Bowl" starting in the 4th Quarter.  Even the pretty girls were into it.

They beat the Jets "Namuth" in N. Y. and Lenny the Cool only had to throw 3 passes.  They ran the fucking ball!

During the Super Bowl game there was no crime (?)  The toilets in town flushed in unison.

The favored Minnesota Vikings and Joe Kapp lost.
 The next year the Chiefs lost in OT by a field goal.

This is how I remember the Chiefs.  Oh yeah, the biggest guy on the team was E. J. Hullob, 275 lbs.  When asked a few years ago about the size of the players now, E. J. said, "we'd find a way" or something like that.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Remember John Hudsell -or- Still Dying After All These Years

Like the song, "it was the Summer of '69" when I met John.  He'd come to Sugar Creek because back then it was fun.  There was 25 cent gas, bars, girls, beer, and a 21-hour a day Drive-in to hang out at called Matties.

John had a 64 Chevy. After a night sometimes in the morning he would bid adieu with his familiar "Guess I'll go home and watch Grandma and Grandpa fuck."

He fell in love lust with a local good looking blonde. A few days after getting married he ran off to Florida, probably with another girl.  I never saw him again.

I remember he was a grunt in the Army & machine gunner in Vietnam.

I lost contact with him as he became a man of God.  He died of Agent Orange in 2012.  Sent by the Greatest Generation to his premature death.